Retiring in Hattiesburg, MS: The Best Neighborhoods for Your Golden Years

As an expert in retirement living, I have seen firsthand the appeal of Hattiesburg, MS for retirees. With its warm climate, affordable cost of living, and friendly community, it's no wonder that many retirees are drawn to this charming city. However, with so many neighborhoods to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide which one is the best fit for your retirement years.

The Retirement Lifestyle in Hattiesburg

Before diving into the best neighborhoods for retirees in Hattiesburg, it's important to understand what makes this city an ideal retirement destination. First and foremost, the cost of living in Hattiesburg is significantly lower than the national average.

This means that retirees can stretch their retirement savings further and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle without breaking the bank. In addition to affordability, Hattiesburg also offers a warm and welcoming community. The city is known for its Southern hospitality and residents are always willing to lend a helping hand. This sense of community is especially important for retirees who may be looking to make new friends and connections in their golden years. Furthermore, Hattiesburg boasts a mild climate with plenty of sunshine throughout the year. This makes it an ideal location for outdoor activities such as golfing, fishing, and hiking.

Retirees can also take advantage of the city's many parks and green spaces for leisurely walks or picnics.

The Best Neighborhoods for Retirees

Now that we've covered the overall retirement lifestyle in Hattiesburg, let's take a closer look at some of the best neighborhoods for retirees in this charming city.

1.The Avenues

The Avenues is a historic neighborhood located in the heart of Hattiesburg. It is known for its beautiful tree-lined streets, charming homes, and close proximity to downtown. Retirees who choose to live in The Avenues can enjoy a quiet and peaceful lifestyle while still being just a short drive away from all the amenities and activities that the city has to offer. The Avenues is also home to several retirement communities, making it an ideal choice for those looking for a more social and active retirement lifestyle. These communities offer a range of amenities such as fitness centers, swimming pools, and organized social events.

2.Oak Grove

Located just a few miles outside of Hattiesburg, Oak Grove is a popular choice for retirees who prefer a suburban setting.

This neighborhood offers a mix of single-family homes and retirement communities, providing options for different budgets and preferences. One of the main draws of Oak Grove is its top-rated school district, making it an ideal location for retirees who have grandchildren or are looking to downsize into a smaller home. The neighborhood also has plenty of shopping and dining options, as well as easy access to outdoor activities such as fishing and boating at nearby Lake Serene.

3.The Village at Tradition

If you're looking for a retirement community that offers resort-style living, then The Village at Tradition may be the perfect fit for you. This gated community features single-family homes and villas with maintenance-free living options. Residents of The Village at Tradition can take advantage of amenities such as a clubhouse, fitness center, swimming pool, and walking trails. The community also offers organized social events and activities, making it easy for retirees to make new friends and stay active.


For retirees who enjoy golfing, Timberton is a top choice.

This neighborhood is home to the award-winning Timberton Golf Club, which offers a challenging course and stunning views of the surrounding landscape. In addition to golfing, Timberton also offers a range of housing options for retirees, including single-family homes and townhouses. The neighborhood is also conveniently located near shopping and dining options, as well as medical facilities.

5.The Preserve

Located on the outskirts of Hattiesburg, The Preserve is a peaceful and scenic neighborhood that offers a mix of single-family homes and retirement communities. This neighborhood is known for its natural beauty, with many homes situated on large lots surrounded by trees and greenery. The Preserve also offers easy access to outdoor activities such as hiking and fishing at the nearby DeSoto National Forest. Retirees who choose to live in this neighborhood can enjoy a quiet and serene lifestyle while still being just a short drive away from all the amenities of Hattiesburg.


Hattiesburg, MS offers a variety of neighborhoods for retirees to choose from, each with its own unique charm and amenities.

Whether you prefer a quiet suburban setting or a more social retirement community, there is something for everyone in this charming city. With its affordable cost of living, warm climate, and friendly community, Hattiesburg is an ideal location for retirees looking to enjoy their golden years.

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